Top Places to Visit in Chicago

/Top Places to Visit in Chicago

You might be thinking of visiting the U.S and enjoy a wonderful vacation, and you have no clue where to start. Think no further, Chicago is one of the most adventurous cities found in Illinois. It is a vibrant city rich in history and cultural diversity. The city has beautiful and attractive sites that rank it as one of the best tourist destinations. Below are the top attractions in Chicago that you should aim to visit:

-Art Institute of Chicago

-Lincoln Park Zoo

-Shedd Aquarium

-Cruise across River Michigan

-The Field Museum in Chicago

Art Institute of Chicago

Shedding light on one of the most famous galleries in the world, the Art Institute of Chicago is all about cultural attractions and art collections. The works of all famous artists of the world whether it be impressionist or post-impressionist are brought together in this grand place, located in the heart of the Chicago Grant Park. Not only paintings but photographic masterpieces, sculptures, and miniatures, as well as artifacts, are kept here so that one can enjoy a sound and complete revelation of cultural history.

Lincoln Park Zoo

Don’t visualize Chicago as a place for youngsters or adults only, your children could take part in the fun and thrill too! The Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the best places your children could go to. Most importantly, your visit to this Zoo is completely free! If your kids are fond of the elephants or the zebras or the chimpanzees, they are really going to love this place. Not only that, but the young children can definitely go and visit the carousel of the zoo where you can see the crafted endangered species. So don’t forget to run for these major places but surely Chicago is not limited to this!

Shedd Aquarium

Chicago visitors need to do their best to obtain Shedd aquarium tickets. For fanatics of the rivers and reefs, you will find colorful and crazy specimens to be found at the Shedd. In case you aren’t impressed by the aquarium tanks, another highlight is an aquatic show where you will be dazzled by the dancing abilities of belugas and dolphins. The majority of the planet is covered by water, and there are numerous different water animals that can be observed when you get Shedd aquarium tickets. Whether or not you go to the show or you spend all your time entranced by the exhibits, the Shedd is definitely a place you should go when you are in Chicago with your family.

Cruise across River Michigan

Canoeing is one of the most popular water sports in the US today, and with Chicago and its Muskegon river is no left behind with the canoeing. Depending on your preference you can either enjoy the quieter inland lakes, test your skills on the river or canoe along the freshwater coastline. Along the way, you will also get the opportunity to take in the breathtaking scenery and gaze at the different species of wildlife all through the state. But if there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that Chicago will serve you with the best canoeing experience of your life.

The Field Museum in Chicago

Should precious metal and jewels capture your imagination, there is an opportunity to observe jewels and gold in their rarest form at the Field Museum. You can discover how precious metal has been found all through history. We often watch documentaries regarding artifacts, precious metal, gems, and gold sculptures found in newly found shipwrecks or during archaeological digs, but now you can see it up close. The Field Museum in Chicago has an online store that has a selection of products from books to jewelry. The Field Museum also provides free wheelchairs and babies get their very own baby care stations. Trade show booth rental displays can be the easiest way to get your business started.

Chicago is a beautiful city with exciting places to visit. Next time when you plan to go on a vacation, choose Chicago and explore the beautiful city.