Finest Restaurants in Chicago

/Finest Restaurants in Chicago

Debatably the heart of the United States of America, popularly quoted as the “Emerald City”, Chicago is as famous for its eclectic seasons as it is for its wide assortment of cuisine. From deep dish pizza to a multitude of other platters, Chicago has time and again stunned the punters with its mouth-watering and wide-reaching flavors.

Take the instance of the eminent jewel, Sarah Grueneberg who is on a quest to make a position for herself in the culinary world with her own twist on the Italian staple at the new favorite, Monteverde. Or if your taste is a tad more refined, and has allot of  images used in a trade show, you could shift your focus to Grant Achatz who is a stalwart in his field and continues to stun people and the connoisseurs alike with his gastronomical delights at his modern restaurant, Alinea.

Here are the top restaurants in Chicago that are sure to bamboozle your taste buds:


A pasta lover’s safe haven, this place was the brainchild of the rising star chef, Sarah Gruenberg who was a former Top Chef contestant. The food is not only finger-licking scrumptious but all quite easy on the pocket beckoning punters from near and far to taste its Italian delights.

Publican Anker

Situated in the southeast corner of Wicker Park’s bicycle section, Publican Anker is a gastronomical as well as architectural wonder. This L-Shaped modern inn serves a delicious array of food like swordfish sausage, pork rinds, and grilled oysters to name a few.


Another gastronomical and architectural marvel, the seating area of Giant is true to its moniker and is well remembered among its frequenters as an iconic location of the restaurant. The style of cuisine is simple and minimal which matches the simplistic aesthetics of the restaurant. The head chef along with his underlings are truly dedicated to making sure nothing short of extraordinary comes out from the kitchen.

The Duck Inn

Kevin Hickey, the culinary expert proprietor who coming back to his frequents at this enjoyable yet-luxury “gastro-tavern” that has a homely and inviting vibe. The Duck Inn is named after Hickey’s incredible grandma’s Depression-period eatery, which was once located not a long way from the bar’s present area—and the sustenance is a gesture to that history. Contingent upon your feasting style, select the five-course tasting menu or lose it on the unique rundown of upscale solaces.

Bonci Pizzeria

For those new to Roman-style pizza, the main attraction of the delight is its signature crusty layer that is magnificently spongy (like focaccia) however with a firm, toothsome covering. Although the exact measurements change from day to day, with 20 innovative garnish mixes (firm pancetta and fried eggs, paper-thin potato cuts and rosemary, at times even fish roe) sold by weight. Regardless of whether you’re searching for a performance tidbit or need to awe a date with your pizza experience, this is definitely the place to frequent if you are a pizza lover.

With a mosaic of culture and a wide assortment of diverse eateries that would enthrall you with their dynamic flavors, a visit to Chicago is definitely worth it.