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Over the years, the exhibit industry has always been required to adjust to the changing economic climate for our clients.

In recent years, due to technological advances, the ‘Green’ movement and the need to trim unnecessary costs from the marketing budget, the term ‘custom display’ has also taken on new meaning.

In today’s exhibit building environment designers are leaning more towards creating custom designed exhibits for their client.

What’s the difference? In days past, custom trade show displays were mostly design elements that were fabricated specifically for the company purchasing the custom trade show display.

Today, many trade show exhibits are custom designed using fabric graphics, existing display systems with custom elements strategically located for appearance.

Custom designing a display using the above mentioned elements will save money by:

  • Reducing fabrication costs
  • Reducing transportation costs
  • Reducing material handling costs
  • Reducing labor costs
  • Reducing the ROI required for the event
  • Increasing your presence using state of the art materials to build your display

The implementation of custom rental elements is also helping to reduce the cost of each event without sacrificing presence as well as helping the environment.

By using rental elements such as systems and custom counters an exhibitor can save further money by:

  • Reducing the cost of the trade show display
  • Reducing/eliminating the fees associated with storage
  • Eliminating the cost of refurbishment and repairs
  • Increasing design versatility from show-to-show

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