Trade show flooring

Trade Show Flooring, while in many minds is merely thought of as something to cover the concrete, is an important factor in any and every trade show display.

Trade show flooring is often compared to a good pair of shoes. Imagine your trade show display as your best suit. Let’s say you are going to an important event in your best suit. Not choosing the right pair of shoes might detract from the rest of your ensemble. People often will remember the ratty brown shoes instead of the sharp suit.

Make sure you pick the right flooring to complement the rest of your display. Its impact is more important than you think.

Trade Show Carpet

All trade show carpets are priced to include carpet, premium padding, tape, visqueen and shipping to the advanced warehouse.


  • 28 oz – Lightweight economical carpet, good for single use.
  • 34 oz – mid-grade carpet that works well with premium padding. A good choice for clients exhibiting only a few times annually
  • 50 oz – Premium carpet that attendees will immediately notice as plush and comfortable. A really good accent to higher end displays.


Moose offers a choice of available hardwoods.

  • Oak/Hardwood
  • Bamboo
  • Cork

When considering hardwood, keep in mind wire management needs for your trade show display. A raised floor may be required to achieve the look and functionality you require.

Vinyl – A variety of styles of vinyl flooring styles are available.

Interlocking – A great way to transport flooring for smaller displays!

Raised – Raised floor systems available. Load bearing and great for wire management!

Raised floor packages include carpet and pad and will be priced using 34 oz carpet and premium padding unless otherwise requested.

How Do I Choose Flooring?

The two major factors that come into play with flooring for many trade show displays are design and budget.  Let’s look at the most common topics that influence the decision.

Smaller displays, specifically in-line 10 x 10 and 10 x 20 exhibits prefer interlocking flooring due to the cost of shipping and storing. While it takes just a little longer to install this type of trade show flooring, the results and savings are worth it. In some cases, even with larger island trade show displays, design or frequency of use may make interlocking trade show flooring a more economical approach.

For 1 or 2 shows per year, consider 34 oz with premium padding. For 3 or more, consider 50 oz with premium padding.

TIPSave the Tubes!
This is not the rally cry for some radical surfer environmental group. In general, carpet is designed to be installed only once. Here’s a little trick that can prolong and extend the life of your trade show carpet.

When trade show carpet is delivered new, it is rolled on a tube. In many cases, the tubes are discarded during installation. By saving these tubes the carpet can be re-rolled back onto the tube. This will keep the carpet from changing shape, or flattening under its own weight in transit and storage, thereby saving the backing and extending the life. Be sure to place an EMPTY sticker on EACH TUBE and pack with the rest of your exhibit property.

Shrink Wrap
To further extend the life of the carpet, I personally tightly shrink wrap carpet sections. This can also help to extend the life of the carpet.

If the design calls for premium flooring such as 50 oz trade show carpet or interlocking trade show flooring, then our consultants will help you choose the right premium system.

Rent Versus Purchase

Trade Show Carpet available from Moose Exhibits is generally new carpet delivered directly from the manufacturer. Rental of this carpet assures that your carpet is new and fresh every time. Moose also has a revolving inventory of trade show carpet with little use, usually one show. This carpet is available at a discounted price.

Grade Of Carpet Needed

This is determined by personal preference and frequency of use. The more shows you plan to get out your trade show carpet, the higher grade you should purchase. Remember that lighter color carpets soil easier and faster and will not last as long as darker colored trade show carpet.

Extend The Life!

Roll your trade show carpet back on the tube when the show is over and tightly shrink wrap your trade show carpet to keep the shape.

What are the pros and cons of interlocking trade show flooring?

Pros: compact travel reduces special handling charges by the shipper and general contractor

Cons: increased install time and heavier weight

Hardwood Flooring

Pros – Looks, look, looks
Cons – Weight, labor and wire management.

Raised Flooring

You should consider a raised trade show flooring system when you have extensive wire management.

Raised Flooring Costs

Primarily, raise floors are required to be load-bearing and must be designed for compact shipping and reasonable installation and dismantle times.