Marc Mousseau

Marc Mousseau

Moose’s CEO celebrates over 20 years in the trade show industry, starting as a freight and logistics expert, long before cell + email! That’s two decades of hands-on experience from the show floor to the front office and everywhere in between. This depth of  industry knowledge, know-how and wisdom along with his willingness to share benefits our clients always, in all ways.
Lydia Mousseau

Lydia Mousseau

Vice President
Lydia has 15 years of trade show industry experience putting it to good use managing Moose and the team! Many friendships and working partnerships have developed over the years as a result of doing business with wonderful clients here and around the world!
<span style="color:#ffffff;"><b>George Gordon</b><br>
Business Development</span>

George Gordon

Business Development
With 38 years of industry experience George brings a wealth of knowledge and information to our clients. Originally starting as a graphic artist, he was able to work his way into the Head of Graphic Design and Production for two major players in the trade show industry in the Northeast, a position which provides a unique and creative perspective to his approach to projects at Moose Exhibits.
Kent Walker

Kent Walker

Production Manager
Kent Walker is our Production Manager. Managing the warehouse, exhibit production and fabrication, Kent leads our talented crew of fabricators and exhibit specialists. With over ten years in the trade show industry he brings a slew of experience and know-how. He’s a Bostonian through and through, but we don’t hold that against him one bit. When not working at Moose you can find Kent hunting, fishing and flying his plane!
<span style="color:#ffffff;"><b>Destiny Graham</b><br>
Project Coordinator</span>

Destiny Graham

Project Coordinator
Destiny serves as our Project Coordinator. Starting in the industry in Hawaii over 5 years ago she has acquired experience in large scale props, installation, graphics work, and a little bit of everything in between! Destiny has a background in Sociology and when not working at Moose she loves anime, cosplay, being a mom to two beautiful girls.
Daniel Shenise

Daniel Shenise

Daniel Shenise began his design career in custom residential architectural design.  In 2008 he transitioned to experiential marketing and exhibit design.  Since then his portfolio has spanned a wide variety of industries.  From gaming and computing, to automotive, to fashion and cosmetics, Daniel has designed and managed everything from small activations to large multi-week press events.  He has worked with agencies throughout the US and Europe.
Jermaine Massey

Jermaine Massey

Exhibit Specialist
Hailing from New Orleans Jermaine spends time visiting family both home in N’awlins and the Carolinas!
<span style="color:#ffffff;"><b>Erik Henderson</b><br>

Erik Henderson

Erik is experienced in set design and fabrication. When not at Moose he loves camping and spending time outdoors with his wife and dogs!
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Jaime Swanson</b><br>
Exhibit Specialist</span>

Jamie Swanson

Exhibit Specialist
Jaime was born in the mid-west, but has spent most of his life here in the South! His specialties are fabrication and carpentry and his favorite day is Taco Tuesday!

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