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Sept 2, 2020
Moose Exhibits inc, a recognized leader in customized rentals for nearly 20 years, is pleased to announce that it will be teaming up with CDI-World in an effort by both companies to give customers an even greater range of products and services while remaining autonomous.
By working together and sharing resources, Moose Exhibits will enhance its services with newly found access to an in-house CNC router, fully equipped wood and metal shop and paint facility.  At the same time, CDI-World gains access to an extensive inventory of BeMatrix, Alluvsion, anodized exhibition truss, raised flooring as well as commonly used furnishings, counters and display items.​
As stated, each company will continue to operate independently, maintaining control over its original client base, thus assuring the same familiarity administratively, while bringing greater benefits in fabrication and delivery.
Please watch for future updates in the coming weeks, or feel free to contact us for further details...

Many businesses struggle with designing an exhibit experience that attracts customers.

Without an engaging exhibit, potential customers walk right by. How many sales could this be costing you?

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If you’re not engaging the customers you want on the show floor, your exhibit experience could be lacking.

We deliver engaging designs in concert with your marketing objectives. We create a physical version of your brand.

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Turn a bland exhibit into a stunner.

Together we will develop an unforgettable experience!

For over 20 years we’ve helped businesses just like yours DESIGN, BUILD, AND EXECUTE exhibits across the US and abroad that connect customers with brands.

How We'll Help You:

Stunning Exhibit

At Moose, collectively we have over 150 years experience in the exhibit and experiential marketing industries.  We will leverage this experience to guide you through the design and build process to develop a program that suits your marketing goals and connects with clients on the show floor.


Budget Conscience

How do we help you stay on budget? The answer is simple, Customized Rental Exhibits. Using modular elements we can bring to life designs that were only available to custom builds in the past. 


Reach Your Audience

Moose’s design and client management team works hand in hand with our clients to develop physical spaces that translate marketing and messaging goals into a physical presence.

How To Get Started

Building an exhibit that is both stunning and budget friendly is easy:

  • Schedule a Call

    Check your calendar for availability to discuss your goals and needs.

  • Discuss your goals and needs

    Let us get to know you and your organization better. We’ll discuss your organization’s challenges and how we can help created the best exhibit for your show schedule.

  • Get an Exhibit Experience Action Plan

    Receive a detailed exhibit plan with clear upfront pricing. The Exhibit Experience Action Plan outlines a roadmap to achieve the goals you've outlined.

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Need Some Inspiration?

See how we've helped our clients design and build stunning exhibit experiences. 

Some of our happy clients.


I recommend Moose Exhibits as the right choice for your trade shows. Customer-focused and goal-oriented is the best way to describe my opinion of Moose. I call them my “Moose Family”, because they go beyond just being a booth builder. They provide me with expertise by understanding what my strategic goals are for my organization and what role trade shows have in meeting these goals…Moose exhibits continues to exceed my expectations with how detailed they are from a customer service perspective-delivering even last minute requests with the same quality you receive from well-planned activities…we succeeded in making an impact!

Kali Gerhardt

Marketing Manager, Kamstrup

We have had a strong business relationship with Moose Exhibits for several years. Moose has responded well to all of our display needs which include consumer shows and in-store displays. No matter how large or small the job, I can depend on Moose to provide us with the same excellent service. Moose especially does an excellent job with our 4000 sq. ft. showroom at our yearly industry trade show. Marc and his staff provide us with the professionalism, experience, and partnership that we need as a leader in our industry.

Ace Atkins

Chicco USA Inc.

The booth is a huge success and I couldn’t have chosen a better company to work with! I am truly impressed and pleased! The huge effort, great design and hard work of your team was definitely appreciated. It was a job extremely well done by an exceptional team!

Danielle Blackwell

Marketing Manager, Pietro