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Modular exhibits and components can be utilized in displays ranging from 10 x 10 in-line trade show displays to 40 x 40 island trade show displays or larger. These components work well with custom accent pieces and large format graphics and are great for lighting!

Aluminum Extrusions

Choose from a variety of aluminum profiles. Aluminum extrusions look great, are light weight, durable and easy to set-up.

modular exhibits

Exhibition Truss

Moose Exhibits is proud to offer exhibition truss from MilosLoad bearing and easy to set-up truss can be used in a variety of ways in a trade show display.

The Milos Truss (Quick Truss) Systems come in 222mm (8″), 290mm (12″) and 390mm (15″) sizes. These sizes are available in Duo (ladder truss), Trio (Triangle) and Quatro (Box) profiles. Lengths are generally provided in ½ meter increments.

Moose Exhibits also offers an extensive rental inventory of M290V Quatro exhibition truss from Milos.

The M290 system is versatile enough to design structures, lighting platforms or simple accent features such as plasma TV stands or counter bases and strong enough to make large spans without additional supports, allowing for less truss, a cleaner look and less labor to install!

modular exhibits
  • Towers
  • Banner stands
  • Lighting platforms
  • Accent pieces
  • Counter bases
  • Back walls

Ambidex (DEX Wall) Transformative Wall System

Ambidex Wall Systems are ideal for exhibits, conference rooms, events, museums, retail and permanent installations. They are flexible in design, quick to assemble and lightweight, yet extremely durable. Frames are strong holding up to 500 pounds and can be oriented horizontally or vertically and built to your shape, size and radius. Infills are attached with velcro or extruded retainers so they can be easily changed. Midwall connectors allow wall additions at any point and rotating connectors all for custom shape creations!

Nuby Exhibit: 40×40 Custom Designed Rental/Purchase Hybrid

Chicco Exhibit: Modular Wall With Custom Picture Frame