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If you’re looking at getting the most cost-effective and creative bang-for-your-buck’, it’s no mystery that customized rentals are the way to go, and Moose Exhibits should be your first, best resource!

Our extensive inventory of rental walls, counters and furnishings can be outfitted to serve YOUR specific needs, promoting YOUR products and services and reflecting YOUR marketing message.  However, those benefits really just begin to scratch the surface when it comes to what our customized rentals can do for you!

Moose Customized Rentals

Customized Rentals Save Money

To start, we save you money! By using our rental inventory, we provide you with a custom-build look without the custom-build budget.  Storage and refurbish bills become a thing of the past – since we own it, we store it and we repair it at our cost, not yours.

Renting a display can be easier, more convenient and economical, allowing for flexibility in format and design! By utilizing one of our programs such as Fresh, New Look® and Multi-Show Multi-Cycle®, we can take a design created for one show and adapt it for other configurations for other events.  Whether they are this year or the next, all at specially discounted rates. Our innovative programs do not require you to buy an exhibit, eliminating ownership costs while offering affordability, scalability, reliability and the assurance that comes with EDPA Certification.

Finally, using our customized rental properties ensures that your “look” can always remain on-trend and on-point…for every show, every year.  Why spend your budget on an exhibit property that thwarts your marketing efforts and limits your ROI? Instead, increase your brand exposure and improve your communications with an exhibit that is available when you need it.

Here at Moose Exhibits we genuinely want you to display your absolute best at every show. Your success is our success. Don’t be limited by your old, outdated exhibit. With a quick call to Moose you’ll learn how to invest not just for now, but for years to come by using one of our custom rental solutions, tailor-made, just for you!

Our sales and design team will review your show objectives and marketing goals, creating a custom solution that presents your company in the very best way possible on the show floor and managing every detail start to finish, and beyond.

Contact us and learn how investing in a rental property from Moose Exhibits just makes the most sense (cents)!