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Large trade show display areas allow the exhibiting company to build their trade show exhibits taller and with fewer restrictions than in smaller in-line configurations. Island or Peninsula trade show displays are categories in which all large trade show exhibits fall into.

Island Display: A display with aisles on four sides.

Peninsula Display: An exhibit with aisles on three sides usually located at the end of an Aisle. Can also be part of a double-island layout.

Island and Peninsula Displays

As a general rule, these trade show exhibits can be built to a height of 16′, or above, with peninsula displays having additional design restrictions.

It is important for the exhibiting company to develop a relationship with a reputable exhibit house familiar with the general rules associated with the design of such trade show exhibits. It is important that the designer understand the reasoning for the established general guideline for trade show displays.

Moose Exhibits’ staff brings decades of experience in designing, transporting and setting trade show displays at venues around the world. We are experienced in the design and fabrication of custom elements, the integration of systems and large format graphics to create a dynamic presence on the show floor or at your next event.