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Moose Exhibits is your HQ for eco-friendly ‘green’ trade show displays, hardware and graphics! The following is Moose’s position with regards to ‘Green’. Everyone’s is slightly different, but, some of our staff members have a history involving work in the hard sciences, so Moose will take what is considered the ‘path of least carbon footprint’.

  • Re-use – No carbon footprint. Goods made from post consumer goods (Coke bottles) are a priority.
  • Re-Cycle – Always at least partially made from post consumer goods.
  • Re-Cyclable – May be first run goods, but made from recyclable materials. i.e. Aluminum.

Green Display Criteria

In today’s eco-friendly business world, marketing managers are seeking ‘green’ exhibits for use in their trade show marketing programs and the event marketing programs.  Green displays must meet at least one of the following criteria to be categorized as green exhibits.

  • Uses recycled and recyclable materials
  • Reduces the carbon footprint in the manufacturing process
  • Reduces the carbon footprint in the transportation of the exhibit

Duffle Display

The Duffle Display is a truly green display offered exclusively by Moose Displays and Logistics. The Duffle Display meets all of the above referenced criteria for green exhibits and green displays.

The Duffle Display is made from fabric that is no less than 60% recycled goods.  In most cases, these green graphics are made from 100% recycled goods.  The fabrics used in our green display can match PMS colors as well as meet the California fire retardant certification requirements, considered the most stringent in the United States.

The Duffle Display frame is made from a combination of recycled and recyclable aluminum.

Finally, the Duffle Display is specifically designed to qualify as checked baggage on all major airlines.  This feature totally eliminates the carbon footprint required by using alternative shipping methods necessary for other supposed green exhibits or green displays.

For larger displays, also consider our green initiative for charter freight. Learn how you can help reduce the carbon footprint required to transport your display properties by shipping your display on the same truck as others going to the same destination.

Larger Green Displays

For larger green displays, Moose Logistics also offers custom designs using lightweight fabric and aluminum designs that exceed the criteria for green exhibits.  A 20′ x 20′ display, including crate, will weigh far less than conventional displays.  Recycled fabric, recyclable aluminum, and the reduced carbon footprint all contribute to making even large displays environmentally friendly.  Learn more about our island displays.

Green Display Rentals

Rental units can be considered green displays because renting a display allows properties to be used more than once before being discarded. This feature, combined with the application of green graphics, makes a Moose Displays and Logistics rental the perfect cost-saving solution to provide you with a green exhibit.

Green Displays

Your HQ for eco-friendly ‘green’ trade show displays, hardware and graphics!  Marketing managers in today’s environmentally friendly society are making personal choices, supported by their companies, to use green graphics when possible for their trade show and marketing events.

With more suppliers providing green products, including green printing, to create green graphics, the availability of such resources has increased and the costs are lower.

Eco-Friendly Green

Moose Exhibits is your HQ for eco-friendly green graphics and green printing!

Green graphics and green printing needs to meet at least one of several criteria that have been established to be considered “green.” The top criteria are the use of recycled or recyclable products to include the reduction of the carbon footprint in both the production and transportation of goods.

A Green graphic starts with the substrate. Whenever possible, Moose Exhibits will employ fabric as our first choice substrate for green graphics. Depending on the application, we employ fabrics produced from between 60% and 100% post-consumer goods (fancy talk for recycled Coke bottles). To understand the positive impact recycling has on the environment, the recycling process creates a smaller carbon footprint, conserving approximately 61,000 BTU (British thermal units) for every pound of yarn. Translated: One half gallon of gasoline saved per pound of fabric!

The great news is that the best process for producing an image on fabric is the dye sublimation process. In the green printing process, dye sublimation uses no solvent-based inks and is considered eco-friendly.

Recycled Fabrics And Less Energy

Finally, green graphics made from recycled fabrics and green printing processes use less energy to produce, look great, last measurably longer, and produce a reduced carbon foot print during transportation. It’s a win-win-win situation!

In addition, marketing managers are also looking for rental systems for many elements used in the design of green trade show displays used in their trade show marketing programs. In today’s market, if properly executed, a trade show rental display does not look like trade show rental display because it may incorporate many custom elements in common laminates and color schemes, which allow them to be used repeatedly among multiple exhibiting companies throughout the year.

Trade Show display rental properties are considered eco-friendly, or a “green display,” because the use of rental property maximizes the continued use of specific design elements instead of being discarded after only a few uses. The ability to rent many common structural elements as well as counters and kiosks may reduce the carbon footprint in both the fabrication of these products as well as in their transportation. Renting a structure and design elements. Then produce green graphics—a perfect combination with a lower long term cost.

Green Graphics

If you are reading this, we can assume you are considering using a green banner or green banners for your next trade show display or event? Moose Exhibits is your HQ for eco-friendly green banners and green banner printing!

As information on the topic continues to develop, current indicators show that when given the quality and competitive pricing, marketing managers prefer using environmentally friendly products to create green banners for their trade show and marketing events.

When creating a single green banner, using recycled material can significantly decrease the use of resources that are not environmentally friendly. The use of recycled material not only re-uses existing resources, but also results in a decreased carbon footprint. One pound of recycled fabric can reduce the use of fuel to one-half gallon.

Moose Exhibits uses fabrics made from up to 100% recycled materials. Combining this with the use of non-solvent based inks, the resulting green banners made from fabric are some of the most environmentally friendly in the marketplace today.  Click here to see other banner stand samples.

Less Weight, Reduced Carbon Footprint

In addition to our environmentally friendly production process, green banners from Moose Displays and Logistics weigh less and result in a reduced carbon footprint during shipping.

In many cases, no shipping is required due to the wrinkle resistant properties of the green banner fabrics. They are pack small enough to fit easily into airline baggage or take up minimal space in a vehicle.

Also keep in mind that employing green banners with a Moose Exhibits rental display is another way to “save green” while being green!  For more information about our rental program, click here.

Mother Nature Thanks You

If you want environmentally friendly, versatile and long lasting ‘green’ banners for your future trade show displays, events or general marketing program, contact Moose Exhibits today!

Mother Nature thanks you. … Moose thanks you.

Click here to contact us by e-mail for more information about a green banner or green banner printing.