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Duffle Display

Duffle DisplayShortly after our founding, Moose developed the Duffle Display trade show display. This trade show booth has become our signature trade show display.

The Duffle Display’s primary intent was to provide our larger clients with trade show booths that maximize their branding while minimizing their shipping and installation costs.

The Duffle Display was such an effective trade show display that companies ranging from start-up companies to Fortune 100 members found this to be the right trade show exhibit to include in their trade show marketing program.  Many of our clients have ordered multiple Duffle Display trade show exhibits to distribute to their sales reps nationwide.

The Duffle Display is an in-line trade show display specifically designed to convert the existing pipe and drape at most trade shows into your display hardware ( frame) without interfering with the common wall drape used as a divider between exhibitors.The Duffle Display was first introduced in 2003, long before the buzzword ‘green’ was part of our everyday language.

The Duffle Display can pay for itself, IN SHIPPING/MATERIAL HANDLING SAVINGS ALONE, in as little as 5 shows. About the Duffle Display

The Duffle Display is a truly green trade show display offered exclusively by Moose Exhibits. The Duffle Display meets all of the referenced criteria for green exhibits and green displays. The Duffle Display is made from fabric made that is no less than 60% post-consumer (recycled) goods. In some cases, these green graphics are made from 100% post-consumer goods. “Post-consumer goods” is a fancy way to say “recycled soda bottles”. The fabrics used in our green trade show displays can match PMS colors as well as meet the California fire retardant certification requirements. The California fire retardant certification requirements are considered the most stringent in the United States.

The Duffle Display frame is made from a combination of recycled and recyclable aluminum.

Finally, the Duffle Display is specifically designed to qualify as checked baggage on all major airlines. This feature eliminates the carbon footprint required by using alternative shipping methods necessary for other green trade show exhibits or green trade show displays thereby reducing their effectiveness as ‘green’ due to the increased carbon footprint generated.

Offered in 3 Packages

The Duffle Display-The Original Display in a Duffle

Complete 10′ trade show display includes:

  • 10′, photo quality Dye Sublimated Back wall
  • Frame
  • Lights
  • Literature stand
  • Table banner
  • (1) single sided 31 x 80 retractable banner stand with fabric graphic
  • Adaptation hardware to convert the existing pipe and drape in your trade show booth space into a frame ( It really is pretty cool)

Duffle Display Big Fabric Back Wall

For those who are on a budget or do not need all of the items included with the Duffle Display, we offer the Duffle Display Big Fabric Back Wall. The Duffle Display Big Fabric Back Wall includes:

  • Frame
  • Back Wall graphic which is the same great quality back wall offered with the duffle display
  • Adaptation hardware to convert the existing pipe and drape in your trade show booth space into a frame


The Duffle Display is now offered with a multi-layered back wall to provide depth to your display area and add dynamics to your graphic message!

DD3D includes:

  • (2) 10′, photo quality Dye Sublimated Back wall
  • Frame with additional hardware to hang additional graphic
  • (2) Lights
  • Literature stand
  • Table banner
  • (1) single sided 31 x 80 retractable banner stand with fabric graphic
  • Adaptation hardware to convert the existing pipe and drape in your trade show booth space into a frame

Duffle Display IS

  • High Impact
  • Low Cost
  • Easy to set-up and inexpensive to ship
  • Designed to convert the existing pipe & drape in your trade show booth space into the trade show display frame
  • Durable? Not only durable but also machine washable ( however, we recommend the dry cleaner). Try that with your pop-up display.
  • Set-up up your display time and time again without added wear and tear to your graphic!
  • Fold it up and ship in a UPS box. Yes, a UPS box!

At Moose we build all kinds of exhibits from banner stands to large fabricated custom displays and feel this is possibly the best display we have ever seen. It is not a budget display, yet, it will fit a budget.

It is designed to be a complete 10′ unit that not only pays for itself through shipping and material handling savings, but will most likely last until you are ready to change the message. We calculate that as soon as the 5th show it may have paid for itself. If not, it’s close. To give you an idea of how durable this display is, our demo unit was printed in 2004 and has been set up hundreds of times. It still looks new.

This includes a trip through a Georgia rain storm and two days submerged in a Louisiana business office enduring a flood. When it gets dirty, just take it to the cleaners and for under $25.00 it looks new again. All hardware parts can be readily found on the show floor. Got a quick show and don’t want to hassle with the entire unit? Just put the back wall in your briefcase or carry-on, and along with a small adaptation kit, you are set up with a full photo-mural display that will go up in as little as 90 seconds. Yes, there are products out there that have tried to be similar and some have imitated us.

Duffle Display was the first. I believe, that because I grew up in a textile household, I understand fabrics better than most. It is for this reason the Duffle Display looks better on the show floor and lasts longer than the other budget brands. As of today, after 6 years in production and hundreds of units sold, we still enjoy a 100% satisfaction rating with our clients. Yes, 100%. That is because the Duffle Display is not for every event situation, and we are sure to get as complete an understanding as possible for the intended functionality of the display before recommending it as a solution.

If it fits, our clients have a winner.

Marc Mousseau, Moose Exhibits


Probably the most common portable display is the pop up display.  The pop up is versatile, compact and easy to use.  Once you choose the style that works for your marketing plan, you will then need to pick the brand of pop up display that works best for you.

Offering pop-up displays with a LIFETIME NO QUESTIONS ASKED WARRANTY assures that your investment will last. Don’t be fooled by other ‘lifetime warranty’ claims that only cover defects and workmanship.

We offer ‘peace of mind’ at no extra charge!  Need quick turn around? We can make it happen!

Pop up displays come in a variety of styles:

  • Curved
  • Straight
  • 8 foot
  • 10 foot
  • Table top
  • Fabric
  • Photo mural, removable graphics or a combination of both

To make sure you have the best pop up display at a competitive price, contact Moose Exhibits.

Our Customers Say

Playtex has used Moose Displays & Logistics to build our trade show displays and transport these trade show exhibit materials from event to event over the last several years. We attend at least 5 shows per year and every shipment has arrived on time and in good condition.

Maryann Gentry, Playtex

Lifetime Warranties


To further support our larger client’s trade show marketing programs Moose Exhibits also offers an extensive line of portable display hardware and graphics. Because we cater to larger exhibitors, we feel obligated to offer trade show display hardware and graphics that are quality built products offered by reputable vendors. Many of our products offer the best warranties available for trade show exhibits including many items with ‘Lifetime No Questions Asked’ warranties.

‘Lifetime No Questions Asked’ items include:
Yukon pop-up systems, Yukon ‘Stretch’ pop-up fabric systems, Retractable Banner Stands

Moose also offers:
Duffle Display, Custom Fabricated Exhibits, Aluminum extruded systems, Trade show exhibit truss systems by Milos, Xline portable modular trade show display systems

Banner Stands & Literature Stands

There are many styles of banner stands and graphics. Don’t be confused, call Moose and get the right banner stand for your needs. When choosing a banner stand, you must first determine the application, frequency of use, shipping requirements and personnel requirements.

  • Will you use your banner stand once a year or once a week?
  • Single sided or double sided?
  • Retractable?
  • NEW! Banner Stand shipping case!

Quick, simple, effective, versatile and inexpensive are just a few words that describe how banner stands can make an impact at your next event. Moose Exhibits offers banner stands that range from a Value stand for the occasional exhibitor to hardier banner stands designed to withstand the rigors of an aggressive marketing schedule.

Call Moose exhibits to decide which banner stand is right for your marketing program.

Literature Stand