Dynamic trade show displays for UL

UL 20×20

Project:                UL

Show:                   ETA Transact 2016

Venue:                 Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

Size:                     20 x 20 Island

Product:               Moose Exhibits Fresh New Look

Underwriters Laboratory contacted Moose Exhibits in late February seeking a dynamic 20 x 20 trade show displays Las Vegas for the annual ETA Transact show in Las Vegas, NV.  Based on the functionality, timeline for the event and the venue, this project was an ideal candidate for Moose Exhibit’s up-front-turnkey pricing.  While their booth space was located on the main aisle of the event, they lacked the advantage of being located near the entrance, presenting  UL with the added challenge of capturing the attention of attendees among a group of competitors trying  to do the same.

Our Moose Exhibits designer studied the floor plan and traffic flow while determining what types of exhibits would be in the ” line-of-sight ” of the entrance which, in this case, were several rows of in-line exhibits with a scattering of island spaces.

Using these parameters, and anticipating future use of the structure, the designer chose to use our Fresh New Look, employing our versatile DEX system to make customized walls.  By stacking a pair of walls in the center, we created an 8’ x 16’ structure to hold a 60” monitor and (2) UL 3-D logos in that “ all – important “ 8’ -16’ space that is visible across the show floor.  Behind the wall was a small closet with easy access with ample storage for the client.  Above the display was a hanging sign. In order to insure future hi-profile visibility, this sign will be enabled to rotate where the motion is almost guaranteed to capture more of the attendees attention.

To amplify the effect on the 3-sided approach, we placed  (2) demo counters and (1) reception counter – all of which having branded, PMS-match, custom-built, angular tops and pre-wired LED lighting for added impact.   The entire counter package was incredibly effective in carrying the brand.  To remove the hard angles of the conference room walls – and in order to continue to reflect the branding theme – a simple styrene PMS-matched and radiused decorative element was created and placed on each rear corner of the display.

The (2) required conference rooms were semi-private with the appropriate furnishings for short meetings.  To frame-out those rooms, a horizontal header panel was put over the entrance to create a PMS-matched louvered detail that allowed light to pass through while giving the area a unique, sophisticated look.  On the internal side of the header panel, track-lighting was used to illuminate the conference area as well as spotlight the logo.

All of the electrical was pre-wired while at the Moose Exhibits facility to minimize the use of the required electrical labor in Las Vegas.  Aside from rigging, the on-site electrical labor for this entire installation  was less than 1 hour, straight-time.  In addition to the electrical, Moose also pre-installed all of the branding elements and prepared the tower wall for the final installation of the 3-D logo.  With Moose Exhibits supervision, the installation was a perfect example of  “textbook” execution, without incident or labor delays.

The labor required to install the display was 5 man-hours longer than estimated.  Because this was a Moose Exhibits Up-Front Turnkey project, and there was no change in the scope-of-work, UL was not invoiced for the extra labor required.

Upon arrival to the display, all members of the UL team were very complimentary of the design and it’s functionality.  At the marketing level, the clients were pleased this came in at budget, and our attention to those corporate color-matched details were considered a much-welcomed and appreciated plus.

Actual UL Client testimonial:

“Hi Marc,

We had our event debriefing call today, and I’m pleased to inform you that the feedback on the trade show booth was overwhelmingly positive. Everyone loved the design and layout – it was exactly what everyone was expecting and it addressed all our needs. Great job! It looks like you got a chance to meet with some of my colleagues, everyone was very impressed with your knowledge and flexibility.”

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