How to get your team on the same page with an exhibit

Dear valued customer,

I wanted to reach out to you in the hope of giving you and your General Manager some greater insight into what we are trying to help you accomplish with our proposal for your upcoming shows, and how it benefits your company for both its immediate and long-range goals.

As expressed my colleague, it seems as though you are on-board with both our trade show design and estimates. However, you had hinted that you and your GM were on opposite pages at the moment, with his position being one of ownership as opposed to our suggestion of rental. If you allow us the opportunity to share some important facts, arising from a comparison between those two views, we’re fairly certain you’ll see that rental truly does become the better business approach for your company.

Purchasing a booth where you may do 4 or more shows per year makes perfect sense. After all, you’ll have already realized the original value from your initial  – and substantially higher – out-of-pocket costs over a rental program by that 4th show. Of course, there are some other important figures that you’ll have to consider.

Rentals do NOT incur charges for storage, repair, maintenance, reconfiguration and eventual disposal. The EDPA estimated figure for those charges amounts to 37% over the life of your newly purchased booth. When you decide to rent, there is also a tremendous amount of flexibility in terms of the presentation of your branding and overall appearance. With the average custom-built booth’s shelf life estimated to be 3-5 years, there really is only so much you can do to make you appear fresh and relevant in your market arena without significant additional investment. You’ll also have to acknowledge that, at some point, that big, shiny new structure becomes just another dusty item awaiting costly disposal from your warehouse.

Speaking of big, let’s not forget the inherently huge headaches and liability that can arise from trying to manage and maintain a double-decker at shows of this caliber. With your purchase, you will have to personally reacquaint your labor company – which may very well change from show to show – with the nuts and bolts of your display, as well as arrange for the dedication of one of your staff to personally manage this from start to finish. There are some expensive procedures that you’ll have to follow-up on, such as the engineering certification of your double-deck structure, again, for every show. If you and your GM have been down this road before, we’re sure that you’ve already become painfully aware of how time-consuming and costly this situation can be.

The program that we’ve presented is a plan developed especially for you for your 2 biggest shows here in the U.S. Your designs are created to take full advantage of your space, your product and your budget. Your discounts are factored based upon our familiarity of your exhibit properties and our ability to save portions of your inventory as a whole, so that assembly will be even more cost effective the second time around. Since this is part of a two-show package, your sign-off guarantees our discount of other elements in your booth for the second show. We take care of the majority of details concerning your booth, so you can concentrate on the important job of presenting your products to your customers.

In closing, we’d ask that you and your team consider this; Moose Exhibits prides itself on the relationships it has built over the past 14 years with clients who have trusted us with their trade show programs around the globe. While not large, we are able to compete with the giants in our industry because we design creatively, engage passionately, manage responsibly and execute economically. We are about the long-term, for the success of both our clients and ourselves. Integrity is a much-used buzzword these days for many companies but this is something that is truly written into our DNA.

If you are simply looking for a vendor, whose primary purpose is to do a big show with a big payoff, we’re probably not the company for you. If, however, you are looking for a partner who wants you to be wowed by both product and service… a provider who wants to safeguard your investment  – not only for this show, but for the future of your program – and who strives to maintain a standard of excellence (recognized by none other than the EDPA themselves ), then allow us the responsibility – and privilege – of handling this show and all its details. We’re quite certain that, once you do, you’ll indeed come to the conclusion the Moose Exhibits truly is “The Company You Keep”.

We would be more than willing to sit down and answer any other questions that you or your team may have in an effort to help you understand the value behind our proposition and/or to speak in conference with both you and your GM if you feel that would aid your presentation. Again, we look to you for advocacy, and will support you in any way that you feel appropriate.

We look forward to your feedback and hope to hear from you very soon.

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