Ideas For Successful Trade Show Displays

At Moose Exhibits, we know a thing or two about building successful trade show displays. We wanted to share a few favorites from our portfolio and let you know how you can achieve the same great results by re-thinking the standard ol’ booth.

This post focuses on how you can use booth building materials, booth location, and signage to your advantage to get the most attention you can at the show.

Show off your antlers!

That’s right! Just as our antlers are a part of the Moose Exhibits brand, we’re here to help you put your branding at the core of your booth. If you have an idea or would like a consultation, just turn to our team. And if you think something can’t be done, mosey on over anyway. We love a good challenge and we’d be happy to share how we’ve made the “impossible” happen for our clients.

Moose Exhibits’ trade show displays stand out and our full exhibit management service allows you to focus on all the other aspects of trade show planning. Contact us today.


Create a special atmosphere with booth materials

Keep things portable with a booth in a box! We did this really cool display for Coca-Cola Life exhibit. We kept with their vision of using natural materials and creating a really down-to-earth vibe with wooden and chalkboard materials, spiced up with splashes of green.

Tear Down The Walls

Booth location is a huge part of show success. But your booth needs to use that space in the best way possible. If you are working with a lot of aisle space, your wall can actually become a part of the story, just like Summer Infant’s booth above. Use cutouts in the wall to create a more playful, inviting space. Just make sure you have someone that can welcome interested visitors into the booth and lead them around, so you don’t risk being closed off.


Keep It Moving

Trade shows are really competitive. Everyone there is fighting for the same, limited amount of attention from visitors. Moving visuals is one creative way to stand out. Consider a rotating circular display above your booth. If your booth is located anywhere in the center of the trade show, it’s a smart way to make sure your entire brand name or message is fully visible from every direction.


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