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About Moose Exhibits

Trade Show Logistics, Custom Trade Show Exhibit Design, Trade Show Exhibit Companies : Atlanta, GA

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Moose Exhibits was originally founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2003 as Moose Logistics. We were founded based on the concept that customer service and client education in addition to quality products and services are key to the design and implementation of a successful trade show marketing program.

Moose Exhibits origins come from trade show logistics and on-site experience working with custom designed trade show exhibits. Because of this, we are always looking out for your best interests on the show floor.

Over the years, we have earned a reputation among some of the world's major companies as a knowledgeable and reputable source to handle corporate trade show design and logistics programs to include storage, transportation as well as installation and dismantle services.

Shortly after the founding of Moose, these same companies were asking for referrals in the area of trade show exhibit fabrication. Having a diverse knowledge of trade show display systems and fabrication techniques used to construct trade show booths, Moose was quick to throw our hat into the ring for consideration.

Today, Moose Exhibits is a full service exhibit house catering to the needs of large and small corporations alike providing the entire range of product and services from conception to completion for their trade show marketing programs.

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Meet the Moose Team

Marc and AlAs time passed, we began to offer trade show displays and trade show exhibits to companies worldwide exhibiting in the United States.

Because our core clients require quality product and professional services for their trade show marketing programs, we made the conscious decision to offer only top quality trade show displays, hardware and graphics to all of our clients.

Several years later, companies of all sizes from all parts of the world come to Moose Exhibits to design, build and service their trade show displays and trade show exhibits.

In addition, Moose also offers display material for all types of marketing events as well as creative services, printing, promotional items etc.

Meet the Moose Team

Marc Mousseau

Marc MousseauMarc co-founded Moose in 2003 along with Lydia. Together, they have developed the MOOSE brand from a small start-up operation into a well respected full service exhibit house.

A graduate of the Texas Tech University School of Mass Communications with a degree in Journalism, Marc began his career while still an undergraduate as a cameraman/control room operator for a local NBC affiliate in Lubbock Texas. Marc eventually moved to Atlanta when he was recruited by CNN to work in the newsroom.

Eventually Marc left the broadcast field to pursue the more creative aspects of communications eventually entering the trade show industry. The industry was a perfect match for Marc as the fast paced environment similar to the newsroom combined itself with the creative aspects of industrial and creative design. Nobody understands deadlines better than a newsman!

You may find this interesting. In order to overcome his fear of public speaking Marc took the stage one evening during open-mic night at a Hilton Head Island comedy club. For the next two years, Marc performed his comedy act as one of the hosts & emcees of the club as well as performing at other clubs in the southeast. His then girl friend Lydia, who would become his wife, was present in the audience of his final performance.

Lydia Mousseau

Lydia MousseauLydia is a graduate of The University of Tennessee with a degree in graphic arts. Lydia possesses a balance of creative talent and business sense which has allowed her to own her own business for most of her career.

During her tenure as an artist, Lydia created custom interiors for high end homes ( Atlanta Street of Dreams), painted photo-murals, faux finishes ( before there were kits) and customized sets for photo shoots for catalogs such as Ballard’s.

After a successful career as an artist she decided to join Marc in the founding of Moose in 2003. Lydia brings to Moose the ability to choose color schemes that will combine branding, graphic messages and custom trade show fabrication.

Check this out. For her 40th birthday Lydia decided to go hang gliding over Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Her flight took her from the mountain tops of Rio’s Floresta Tijuca out over the Atlantic ocean before finally landing on Corcovado Beach some 2000 feet below her launch site.

Al Coxe

Al CoxeArriving at Moose in his Model "A" Ford while following telephone wires and railroad tracks, Al has brought with him a plethora of expertise in business management and success. He has owned and operated several manufacturer's representative agencies including an accomplished endeavor in the manufacturing of various consumer goods in the Far Eastern countries of Bangladesh and China.

His curriculum vitae includes that of Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Office and Chief Financial Officer throughout his work related career. Al has joined the Moose Team with a discernible eye to its future success. The key principles he brings are "Service through and with Technology", using innovative solutions for future growth and expansion.

After witnessing multiple successful projects with it's owners, Marc and Lydia, it is not uncommon to hear Al comment, "Oh, Mousseau! You've done it again."

Take a hike!......In the '90's, with nothing better to do, Al hiked for three weeks through the Himalayan Mountains. His journey began at a lower elevation town whose name is completely unpronounceable. Weeks and altitudes later, he arrived at yet another town whose name is impossible to pronounce.

The trek originated in Dhaka, Bangladesh and continued through the Assam regions of India to the obscure village to Trashigang, Bhutan. After 81 days, he arrived back in Dhaka with spiritual realization of Self and Purpose.

John Attaway

John AttawayJohn joins the Moose Team with 10 years of event and project management experience. With former clients ranging from AT&T, Samsung, Cadillac and Coca-Cola, John knows how to successfully run the show from start to finish. Originally from Chattanooga, John, graduated from UTC with a bachelors in Psychology and continued on to study business and management in graduate at Tennessee Tech.

Only recently did John move to Atlanta to be with his girlfriend and now fiancée, Liz Thompson. John enjoys being outdoors, which includes the beach, hiking, bikes, and especially kayaking. While on vacation in the Florida Keys, John spent much of his time kayaking in the clear waters of the Atlantic. From time to time he can be found exploring the woods of Chattanooga or climbing the nearest rock-wall. While on hiatus from work, he has dabbled in extras acting on network shows including Vampire Diaries and Necessary Roughness, as well as movies like The Change-Up.

Something about John you might not know is that fresh out of college, he was the stage manager for a Chattanooga music venue where he helped behind the scenes, as well as getting to know the talent. John has had Henry Rollins, Beyonce, George Clinton, and Sebastian Bach in his car! Talk about living it up!

Melodie Janin

Melodie JaninMelodie started in the industry in accounting but quickly moved into sales as an account manager for five years before becoming a project manager.  She not only understands how the projects come together but how they go up, go down, and come back in.   

She has handled shipping, packing, load out as well as supervised the I&D for her projects.   Her experience on the show floor as well as in the office make her an excellent choice as Project Coordinator for Moose Exhibits.    

Melodie says, however, it is her time and training as a foster parent that have prepared her most for working in the industry.

Melodie is an original Georgia Peach Pitt.  She is happily married (her husband is also in the industry), has a grown daughter, 4 grandchildren and is the proud human of Domino the wonder dog. 

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